What Can be Recycled?

All information provided below is compiled directly from the official Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection website, linked here.

  • Aluminum foil

  • Aluminum wrap

  • Pie plates

  • Aluminum food trays

Please wipe/rinse aluminum to remove food residue. If significant amounts of food residue remain, please put aluminum in the trash.

Please rinse all containers.

  • Aluminum cans

  • Steel cans

  • Bi-metal cans

  • Metal food, beverage, & pet food cans

  • Tins from cookies, fruit cakes, popcorn, etc.

  • Aerosol cans from non-hazardous products (whipped topping, spray cooking oil, deodorant, hair spray, shaving cream, etc.)

For cans with:

  • Attached metal lid – Tuck lid inside can.

  • Detached metal lid – Put detached lid into can, squeeze can opening to trap lid inside, or place loose lid into bin along with can.

  • Plastic lid – Place lid into bin along with can.

Aerosol or other cans with automotive or hazardous products cannot be accepted. If completely empty, place in regular household trash.
If hazardous products remain, bring to the Household Hazardous Waste drop-off.

See here for information on recycling larger scrap metal items.

Please rinse containers, and remove lids/caps. 

Recyclable food, beverage bottles & jars

  • Clear glass

  • Blue glass

  • Brown glass

  • Green glass

Any other glass or ceramic products, mirrors, window glass, and drinking glasses cannot be accepted (Disposal instructions here).

  • Plastic bottles with resin numbers 1-5, 7

  • Plastic containers, tubs and lids; pails and buckets with resin numbers 1-5, 7 (except items marked biodegradable/compostable)

  • Nursery & flower pots with resin numbers 1-5, 7

  • Tupperware™ or Rubbermaid™ -type durable plastic containers and lids

  • Beverage (stadium) cups

Please remove tops, caps & lids; Labels & plastic rings around neck of bottles are okay. Empty, rinse all containers.

These items cannot be accepted:

  • Biodegradable/ compostable plastic

  • Plastic that held automotive products or hazardous materials

  • Plastic bags, film, or wrap

  • Non-bottle items of #6 plastic (polystyrene & Styrofoam™)

  • Plastic shower curtains, straws, tennis ball canisters, tubes

  • Containers with syringes/sharps

  • Coated paper/cardboard yard signs (Metal stands = scrap metal. Corrugated plastic is not recyclable.)

  • Newspapers & inserts

  • White, colored office, printing paper

  • Shredded paper

  • Books, magazines, & catalogs

  • Spiral-bound notebooks

  • Boxes: Cardboard, cereal, juice/drink boxes (aseptic packaging, Tetra Paks), pizza boxes, without sauce or cheese residue, produce/fruit boxes, shoe boxes, snack/cookie boxes, pasta boxes (with or without windows)

  • Egg cartons (cardboard only)

  • Paper bags

  • Frozen food containers

  • Paper ice cream containers, lids

  • Milk, juice cartons

  • Paper beverage cups

  • Non-food grade coated paper containers

  • Thermal paper

  • Envelopes (with or without windows)

  • Wrapping paper

  • All other dry paper

  • Recycle paper items separately in a paper recycling cart, or twine bundle of 45 lbs or less. Request a paper recycling cart.

  • Please rinse paper milk, juice, drink cartons and remove plastic caps.

  • Staples, paper clips, and plastic “windows” can be recycled.

  • Secure shredded paper.

  • Do not use yard trim bags for your recyclable paper!

  • Cardboard boxes don’t need to be cut, tied, or flattened.

  • Paper/cardboard items wet from rain, snow, ice, will still be picked up.

  • NO paper/cardboard in plastic bags

  • NO mildewed paper or cardboard.

  • NO 3-ring binders

  • NO carbon paper

  • NO foil gift wrap

  • NO leather-bound books

  • NO packing material, Styrofoam or plastic

  • NO envelopes with plastic padding

  • NO paper or cardboard with paint, chemicals, food, or used kitty litter.

  • NO paper towels, napkins, or tissues

  • NO photographs or photographic paper

  • NO plastic bags, plastic wrap or Styrofoam™

  • NO syringes or other sharps

  • NO Plastic bags/Bubble wrap: Some supermarkets & retailers recycle these; Find your location!

  • NO Electronics: Some retailers recycle these, or Shady Grove Transfer Station.

  • NO Styrofoam™: Please throw these in trash.​

  • NO Medical items: Safe disposal instructions here.

  • NO Containers that held toxic products: Please empty & throw these containers in trash.

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